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A Dorsey Trailer Is More Durable Steel Giant Dorsey Flatbed

Dorsey Trailer

"A Dorsey's More Durable"

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"A Dorsey's More Durable"

Steel Giant Dorsey Flatbed

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ILoca Services is proud to be an authorized dealer of Dorsey Trailers. Founded in 1911, Dorsey has many years of experience in manufacturing and customer service. This is just one of the reasons ILoca is proud to represent this quality brand.


From flatbeds to dropdecks, extendables, and lowboys, Dorsey carries heavy haul equipment for whatever your job may be. Dorsey trailers are built to dependably handle the job at hand, as their slogan states, “A Dorsey’s More Durable”. It is for this reason that ILoca is proud to have its name associated with theirs. Here at ILoca, we carry Dorsey’s entire line as we love to put the quality craftsmanship of a Dorsey trailer in the hands of our customers. Their lines, Aluminum Giant, Combo Giant, and Steel Giant all offer tremendous dependability and craftsmanship. When it comes to lowboys, you have the choice of:

  • Hydraulic removable neck
  • Hydraulic tail
  • Fixed neck
  • Tag-a-long

This wide variety of lowboy styles assures that Dorsey can provide our customers with the right trailer for their specific needs. Whenever you buy a Dorsey trailer, no matter what model, you know the type of quality you are getting. It is for this reason that ILoca is proud to call Dorsey Trailers a reliable vendor and a trustworthy business partner.

Dorsey Rental
Dorsey Rental

Many products can be found on ILoca’s website through the use of the search tool. If you’re looking for something specific and are having trouble finding it, we can help! We strive to bring the best value and experience to our customers and we believe that all of our vendors help achieve that goal. Call (630) 425-7108 today for more information on platform semitrailers.

ILoca is your Dorsey dealer. ILoca looks forward to the great things that will come from this partnership. For more information, (630) 425-7108 or visit ILoca’s website at Your Partner For The Long Haul ®

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