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Q: Does ILoca stock new and used trailers?

A: ILoca always stocks a huge variety of new and used equipment so that we can get you on the road, making money as quickly as possible.

Q: Does ILoca provide financing?

A: ILoca works with a number of finance companies to help you find the best financing option for your needs.

Q: Is rent to own an option when purchasing a trailer from ILoca?

A: ILoca has several different rent-to-own options available to its customers. Call your sales rep today at (630) 425-7108 or email [email protected]

Q: Can I rent or buy a trailer and trailer parts from ILoca if I am out of state?

A: ILoca is a nationwide trailer dealer. We do business all over North America.

Q: What are ILoca’s requirements for rental customers?

A: ILoca works hard to be a flexible and friendly place to rent trailers. The best way to get started is by filling out ILoca’s rental application.

Q: What new trailer makes does ILoca carry?

A: ILoca is an authorized dealer of Vanguard, CIMC Refrigerated, CIMC Intermodal, Fontaine, Fontaine Heavy Haul, Dorsey, Manac, Talbert and Travis.

Our Trailer Brands

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